Online Sources for Web Site Creation

Looking for an easy way to create a website? Look no more and check out Weebly. (This site was created with Weebly) Weebly is a free webpage creation site that not only allows you to create the site, they will store it for you too and give you your own URL. Weebly’s features include the ability to drag and drop a number of elements right to your page. From paragraph with picture to custom HTML that allows users to insert their personal widgets. Weebly also includes a variety of designs (currently there are over 50) to choose from. What is really nice is that all you need to do is hover your cursor over a design option and it will automatically change your page. That way you may view what it looks like before choosing one. If you want to just use Weebly to design a site you can do that too. Weebly offers the option to download a complete zip file ready to upload to your server.

To view a page created with Weebly go to:

Link to Video Tutorial: